Restoration Galley

New rigging completed the main restoration, but work goes on…

Rivetted Iron – DG’s insides – they don’t make them like they used to.

And finally, the new mast is safely in place.

The new mast taking shape.

Enough Douglas Fir to make a new mast measuring over 12 metres.

Sanded, varnished and ready to be reinstalled.

The bronze star – a traditional good luck symbol.

Leeboards craned off for restorative care – each weighs 1 ton!

Guests love the double, aft cabin.

The spacious forward double cabin.

From outside she may look low, but with over 6′ headroom throughout, her Tardis-like interior has hosted up to 23 people!

A very cosy saloon, with stove and central heating ensuring we’re warm and dry.

Ellie’s favourite viewpoint.

Senior cat Max settles for a safe spot on his new home.

Devilcat Hazel and Ellie the cairn terrierist discuss tactics for getting ashore.

“Drie Skipperen” – Colin, Andy and Phil jump ashore, still smiling after 23 hours crossing from Holland.

At last! DG sails up the River crouch to her new home.

Cap’n Phil, mid channel.

Home Sweet Home while I awaited delivery

In the Biesbosch marina.

DG suspended out of water for pre-sale survey.