Update January 2021

Life works in mysterious ways. When I purchased Drie Gebroeders , way back in 2014, I had many plans and dreams of my future years afloat. Since then, together we have enjoyed a few adventures and met many wonderful people in the eclectic barge and sailing community.  Mooring my home in beautiful and unusual areas has been one of the many blessings of life aboard DG, along with the benefit of never having to pack or unpack my worldly goods for the moves from one area to another. 
However, life’s rich tapestry has unfolded in unexpected ways and instead of sailing back to European canals DG sailed in the opposite direction – around the southern coast of England and up the Irish coast to County Down. At the time of writing we have settled in the safe haven of a mooring in Bangor Marina. After many years amongst fellow historic craft, she now lies a little conspicuously amongst more modern vessels.
Sadly I am now faced with a future ashore, as health and age related issues force me to re-evaluate my lifestyle. I hope someone more able than I will now become the custodian of my lovely Dutch lady as she has so many more years of adventure in store.

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